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StoneYardGreen - Terms and Conditions

An order for work from StoneyardGreen can be in writing, via email or verbally.

Invoices and quotations All invoices will be based on a quotation which has been agreed by Stoneyard Green, and our client.
Quotations are valid for 30 days, and are based on our advertised charges - we reserve the right to increase rates in the future.
The quotation is subject to amendment if you later request alterations, or require extra work.
Payment terms are 50% payable on acceptance of design, 50% payable prior to site going live.
The website will be available for public viewing on the Internet on payment of the final invoice.
Payment by cash or bank transfer is treated as immediate payment. Payment by other means (e.g. cheque) is treated as received when the payment has been processed through our bank account.
All invoices are payable within 7 days of the invoice date

Non-hosted website work
Our general terms and conditions relate to work on websites hosted by Stoneyard Green (which applies to the majority of our clients).
Where we undertake work for any client who has their website hosted elsewhere then our payment terms are as follows: An estimate will be provided in advance of any work being undertaken.
Once the estimate has been agreed in principal, an invoice for 50% will be produced prior to work commencing. Payment of this invoice will be required (via online payment) before work commences. The client will be kept informed of progress, and any variations to the original estimate. An adjustment invoice will be produced, and payment will be required (via online payment) prior to uploading of any completed work.

Client responsibilities
It is important that you provide us with your ideas/photographs/information in a timely manner.
It is important that you proof-read each WebPage as it is completed. Stoneyard Green accepts no responsibility for proofreading

Cancellation policy (website design)
In the event that a client cancels or does not proceed with the website after work has commenced on the website design, then the client will be invoiced and must pay for work done to date. This also applies to website design ideas if the client does not wish to continue with the website once initial ideas have been put forward.

Lapse of a website design agreement
It is usual for us to be able to complete a website within a reasonable amount of time after a client accepts a quotation. If the client is unable to provide information to enable us to complete the website within a reasonable amount of time, then we will invoice for the work done to date.

Non-payment, or late-payment of accounts
Our business is to provide Website Design and Hosting facilities to other small businesses. We are a small company, and do not have a team of administrators to chase unpaid invoices. We are not able to withstand delays to payments, and do not have time to chase for late payments. Our low charges to you are only possible if we can maintain a balanced cash-flow. All invoices and accounts issued by us are due for payment within 14 days of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Domain name, email, and hosting
We will usually only register .co.uk domain names, unless you specifically request a different domain name suffix.
The domain name registration period for .co.uk domains runs for two years from the date of registration. After this time period has lapsed, the domain name registration will be renewed upon receipt of payment of renewal fees at the price quoted at the time. We will usually send an invoice for domain name renewal approximately 4 weeks prior to the renewal date, and will request payment 2 weeks prior to the renewal date to ensure that domain renewal is a smooth & seamless process. Failure to make renewal payment on time may mean that the domain name registration is not renewed.
All domains that we register are registered in our name, and are administered by StoneyardGreen
Until we receive confirmation of registration we cannot guarantee that the domain name requested will be available for registration.
By requesting us to register a domain name our client is responsible for ensuring that its use, and the way in which it is used (directly or indirectly), does not infringe the legal rights of any third party.
It is our policy to provide managed websites for our clients, which means that we design, host, upload, and maintain the website for you - and also provide email facilities.
The only username and password we issue is for accessing the email account. We will provide internet access to the email via webmail, and will supply the information necessary for you to access the email via a program (e.g. Outlook) on your computer
Hosting is for one year from the date of registration, payable in advance, at the price quoted at the time. We will usually send an invoice for hosting renewal approximately 4 weeks prior to hosting renewal date and will request payment 2 weeks prior to the renewal date to ensure that Hosting renewal is a smooth & seamless process. Failure to make renewal payment on time may mean that Hosting is not renewed.

E-commerce solutions
Where requested, we will create and design your website incorporating your e-commerce solutions. Most low cost e-commerce solutions will involve the use of PayPal, and StoneyardGreen recommends that you (our client) are conversant with PayPal's Terms & Conditions before choosing to use PayPal. The client has full responsibility for investigating the advantages and disadvantages of PayPal as opposed to any other merchant provider, and to establish the suitability of PayPal for their needs. Where PayPal is the chosen merchant provider the client is responsible for establishing a suitable PayPal account and supplying details of this account to Stoneyard Green. Your decision to use PayPal on your website is made based on information available to you (our client) supplied by PayPal, and is not influenced by Stoneyard Green

Search engine submissions We will submit your website to a number of search engines. However it can take a while for your website to appear in the search results - this is normal. We cannot guarantee top level rankings for your website, although we will use our knowledge and experience to gain the best results possible. If you are interested in further promoting your business and your website we recommend that you continue to use traditional advertising methods, and that you also research modern methods of advertising - e.g. Google Adwords (http://www.google.com/adwords/learningcenter/)

Unlimited use policy
We offer an effective unlimited use policy by using hosting facilities from a world-wide provider. In rare cases, if a customer uses server resources to such an extent that he or she may jeopardise server performance and resources for other customers, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the hosting facility (this is an extremely rare occurrence).

Improper content
We will not knowingly permit the use of any illegal or inappropriate material in a website designed or hosted by us, and will only create websites in the English language.
Illegal Material - This includes (but is not restricted to) copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files, and any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation.
Inappropriate Material - This includes (but is not restricted to) all Adult Content including pornography, or otherwise lewd or obscene content.
In the event that we are informed of infringement of copyright, or any other legislation, we will immediately take steps to remove such material from either our own website, or from a website which has been produced or hosted by Stoneyard Green

Copyright, Trademarks, and Company Names, etc
We will usually place a copyright statement at the bottom of each webpage. To avoid any confusion, you, the client, are the publisher of the website and own the copyright for all content published in your website, and we, the designer, are acting on your instructions in adding content to your website.
By asking us to add material into your website you acknowledge that you have copyright of that material, or permission to use the material. All images used on websites designed by Stoneyard Green are obtained from licensed sources, or are sourced as being free from copyright restrictions (unless the images are provided by our client).
It is the clients responsibility to fully research their company name, and any content, logos, or trademarks, etc., used in the website.
The client also agrees as part of our terms and conditions to absolve & indemnify Image Stoneyard Green of any liability in the use of any such content in the clients website, and to assume full responsibility for any violations and legal actions which may arise at any time in the future.

Hosting, third party adverts, & hyperlinks
In the event that you already have a domain name and/or hosting arrangement, we will tailor the hosting arrangements to suit your needs. In some cases this will mean leaving the hosting with another hosting company. Our hosting and ongoing support charges will still remain and will cover the support aspect relating to third party hosting.
By agreeing to accept the terms and conditions for Image Website Design you agree to also accept any applicable terms and conditions of our hosting provider which can be viewed at www.streamline.net/tac.php.
A copyright statement will be discreetly placed at the bottom of each web page plus a hyperlink to our contact details. We never place any third-party adverts on any websites without your permission. You will see the final version of your website, as it will appear on the Internet.
We may choose to list (or de-list) your website in our portfolio showcase, together with a background summary of the client instructions, and also to place a hyperlink on our website to link to your website. This can have positive benefits for your website since it increases the link pattern which can improve recognition and rankings. If you prefer not to be shown in the portfolio showcase you may inform us by e-mail.

Amendments, updates, and alterations to the website
When we design your website, we hope that it will be the start of a long-term acquaintance, and we do not walk away when the design work is finished. For a period of 30 days we will make any alterations, and corrections, free of charge. In rare occasions we may make alterations to your website without informing you - these would only be minor background changes which would not affect the material content of the website (e.g. changes to the HTML code to make the website work better).
We will help you to improve or alter your website at any time in the future. Usually the least expensive way to look at alterations is by paying our hourly rate.
All changes to the website must be actioned through Stoneyard Green. We cannot be liable for any changes which you make to the website (which could result in accidental corruption of the source files) - for this reason we do not issue FTP details.
If you wish to make alterations to the website without using Stoneyard Green then it will be necessary for you to set up independent hosting arrangements and upload the source files to your new hosting environment - our only stipulation is that the 12 month hosting contract must be paid in full, before the source files are released to you on CD or as a zip file. A fee of 25 will be payable to enable us to release source files.

Legislative requirements
Stoneyard Green endeavour to comply with all legislative requirements including Health & Safety at Work, Data Protection, etc., and would not knowingly evade any legal business requirements.
Where appropriate, and particularly where there is an interaction in the relationship with a client, we expect our clients to comply with the legislative requirements for their businesses.

Our service
We will provide you with a first-class service to produce your website, but we cannot be held liable for events, or their consequences, outside our control e.g. if the hosting package is provided by a third-party. This guarantees that all our clients are treated consistently, efficiently, and fairly. However, we will endeavour to sort out any problems promptly, should they occur.

In the unlikely event that you should have cause for complaint please contact Rob Crampton by phone on 01684 641844 , or in writing at Stoneyard Green, 1 Stoneyard Green Cottages, Coddington, ledbury, Herefords. HR8 1JR or by email to rob@stoneyardgreen.co.uk

Limit of liability
The content of your website is your responsibility and Stoneyard Green is not liable for any claims made against you arising from the content of your website wether hosted by ourselves or by a third party

Transferring (or cancelling) your webhosting
You may cancel your webhosting contract, or transfer to a different hosting supplier at any time, provided your account is fully-paid up to the end of the hosting contract. We hope that you won't have any need to move away from us, and that you would discuss any concerns with us before looking for alternative hosting arrangements. If at any time in the future you should choose not to renew your contract with us, please tell us why .... we would like to know.
Stoneyard Green reserve the right not to renew, or to terminate, hosting at our discretion giving no less than 7 days notice.

Ad hoc hosting
In the event that we continue to provide hosting arrangements and/or email facilities at the end of a hosting contract, we reserve the right to charge for these services and ad hoc hosting will be charged at 10.00 per month.

Privacy policy, and confidentiality
To communicate with you, and to provide content in your website, we require your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.. We use this information to design and build your website and, to contact you. If we need to contact you, we will contact you via e-mail or telephone first, and will write to you if e-mail or telephone are unsuccessful.
Any information provided by you will be used for Stoneyard Green purposes only.
However, Stoneyard Green will display your contact information on your website. It is your decision to decide whether all information is displayed on your website, or if some contact details are omitted. It is your responsibility to proof-read the webcontent to ensure that correct and pertinent details are displayed.
Your information will not be shared with individuals or other companies (such as direct mail organisations or other third parties) unless required by law.
We do our best to maintain the accuracy of any personal information you do supply to us. You can help us update and maintain the accuracy of any personal information you supply by informing us of any changes to your name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc..

We are a small company, with a small turnover. We are not registered for VAT.
Any reference to "we" or "us" or "our" refers to Stoneyard Green
Any reference to "you" or "your" refers to our Client.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time in the future to meet the requirements of current business practices & legislation. The Terms and Conditions applicable at any particular time will be displayed on the website. Please ensure that you refer to the website if you have any queries concerning current Terms & Conditions.